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ADAVI Silent Watch is a new 2nd generation PC surveillance product designed to protect your network, it allows you to set up custom keyword alarms, log keyboard activity, monitor the display, block undesirable email and much more, great for education and corporate.

Operating systems:

Available for Windows 95 / 98 and NT 4.0

Product features:

Order Your Copy of Adavi Silent Watch Here

The base price of Adavi Silent Watch is $159.95 which will allow you to monitor up to 4 desktop computers. Additional seats may be purchased according to the following schedule.

Additional Seats Price Per Seat
1 - 49 $38.95
50 - 199 $37.95
200 - 499 $35.95
500 - 999 $32.95
1000 - 2999 $29.95
3000 or more $24.95
  • monitor an unlimited number of computers
  • keyword based - audible alarms to remote station
  • monitors all incoming and outgoing email
  • define a keyword dictionary for monitoring
  • view a users screen and keystroke log at any time
  • freeze a users PC if they trigger an alarm
  • runs in stealth mode, undetectable
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